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Day Automation Systems delivers industry leading solutions in HVAC, Access and Lighting control. Our Video Surveillance systems deliver intelligent solutions that increase operational efficiencies, high levels of situational awareness and increased response times over your existing IP infrastructure. And, our Integrated Utility Metering programs help you manage and reduce your energy expenditures.


We provide services to more than a half million students and have systems in over 180 K-12 school districts and 15+ colleges and universities. We also provide solutions to industrial, commercial and institutional clients, including Hospitals, Libraries, and Government Offices, helping them control the cost of energy and facility operations. Our systems are installed in over 1000 buildings across New York State.


We were founded in 1976 as the James L. Day Company, and today is wholly-owned by a group of the original managers. We are honored to be serving some of the premier School Districts, Colleges, Universities, and Corporations in the Northeast. We continue to focus on providing the highest level of service and support delivering comfort, efficiency, security and energy savings to all.

Our "Customer for Life" philosophy, coupled with our expertise in systems integration and building controls makes us your vendor of choice.

Website: https://www.dayautomation.com
Address: 435 Lawrence Bell Drive, Ste. 8, Buffalo, NY 14221
Phone: 1-800-836-0969
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