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Lorie E. Sabo Award
The Lorie E. Sabo Advocacy Scholarship Award was established in 2012 after the untimely passing of long time Orchard Park and Erie 2 CC BOCES Board Member on November 25, 2011.  The Lorie E. Sabo Advocacy Scholarship Award is funded through the ECASB Annual  Awards Dinner Basket Raffle and Split Club.  The funds are available to ECASB Member District Board of Education Members wishing to attend Lobby Days in Albany and Washington, D.C.  to help offset the cost of any funds that may not be available through the local school district advocacy budgets.  Board members wishing to be considered to receive funds should fill out the Lorie E. Sabo Advocacy Fund form and submit it to the ECASB Awards committee by deadline date to be considered for the award.  Additional details are available on the application.  In September of 2020, it was decided by the Delegate Assembly that we should also have a Lori Sabo Advocacy Award that would honor an ECASB member that was active in advocating for public education.


Link to Award: ECASB Lorie E. Sabo Award

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