Upcoming Programs:


This past Saturday, ECASB held an in person Legislative Breakfast. The Breakfast was organized by program services manager Jane Sullivan, intern Kate Urkewich, and Legislative Planning Committee Scott Johnson (Sweet Home CSD), Kathleen Chiavetta (Lake Shore CSD), Erik Polkowski (Akron CSD), and Ed Schaefer (Cheektowaga CSD). The breakfast, in the words of several legislators in attendance “was the best legislative breakfast”, “was a great event”, and several indicated “we should be meeting more often with our legislators”. Several legislators indicated that they thought the new ECASB Legislative Handbook that was created was a great advocacy tool with a lot of useful information.

Each attendee received a folder that included the following resources: - Agenda for the day - ECASB Legislative Handbook - Copy of power point that was shared with attendees - ECASB Legislative Contact List - District Fact Sheet with a QR code The event was so successful that many legislators were the last ones to leave the building on Saturday with many staying around for pictures to be taken and provide advice on how to better improve our advocacy.



Speakers included: Dr. Kim Kirsch, Erie 2 CC BOCES, Ombuds Officer. Dr. Randy C. Richards, PLC Associates, Tracie Lopardi, Harris Beach PLLC, Attorney. 


All attendees were presented with the Holiday Mug Give Away - filled with candy. One lucky winner received $50 cash, while the others ranged from $20 to $1.


GOLD LEVEL Sponsors included:

Campus Construction Management Group, C&S Companies, NYSIR, Harris Beach PLLC, and Evans Government Services.