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 ECASB Ask the Experts 2022 -2023 

     Ask The   Experts: 


   Featured   Editions for     2022-2023 

 March    2022 

 Featuring NYSUT Education and Learning Trust.


    May    2022

 Featuring experts in Virtual Learning with e Academy-Erie 1 BOCES.   


  September   2022

   Featuring the Lake Shore CSDsharing their experience with their Electric Buses.

  January   2023

 Featuring Generation Alpha and Artificial Intelligence with Michael Fisher, Professional Development Coordinator

 with Orleans-Niagara BOCES.

 March   2023

 With Darci D’Ercole, Director of Leadership Development for NYSSBA about Board Retreats


   April   2023

 Featuring Timothy Bonaparte, Partner, Appel Osborne Landscape Architecture


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