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Our Mission Statement: 

Our Mission is to unite and develop school boards as a strong voice for public education through learning, leadership and advocacy. Our vision is that every child receives the education they need and deserve to pursue their passions, goals, aspirations and dreams. Member school boards are encouraged to become active with ECASB, whether through its various workshops, and its Delegate Assembly, Legislative Team and Budget/Finance/Program Team.



About us: 


ECASB, the Erie County Association of School Boards, was established in 1930. The Association serves its member boards through development activities, training, advocacy and resource materials. ECASB also works to advance the mutual objectives of other organizations dedicated to public education. ECASB was incorporated in 1968 and received determination as a not-for-profit under IRS Section 501 (c)(4) in 1969. In 1990 the Association received its NYS tax-exempt status.

ECASB recognizes and honors the efforts of members engaged in school board service through its annual Diana R. Miller Service to Education the Laura M. Burns Award Advocacy for Children, the Hodgson Russ Excellence in Collaboration Award, the Wayne Schlifke Lifetime Achievement Award and “ShineOn!” awards which include recognition for Rising Stars, Shining Stars and Medallion Club.

In addition to a full calendar of development programs, ECASB maintains a resource library for member use.

In 2003, ECASB formed a new corporation to further the charitable purposes launched through the efforts of ECASB’s Task Force on Regional Collaboration and Shared Services. The corporation received IRS Determination as a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. As a sole member of Promoting Partnerships in Public Education, Inc., ECASB closely monitors its activities.

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