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Budget & Finance Team

  • In conjunction with the Executive Director and the Association Treasurer, they will develop and approve the annual budget and develop a dues structure. 

  • Review the financial procedures of the organization annually. 

  • Review the finances at least three times throughout the year. 




  • Establish a dues structure (A dues formula was adopted by the Delegate Assembly 1/29/98; dues are assessed based on that formula and the amount of total dues included in the budget.) 

  • Review and make recommendations prior to the final approval of an annual budget. 

  • Review the annual audit report. 

  • Review appropriate investments when funds exceed those necessary to meet current expenses. 


Other activities may include 


  • Review of the financial procedures and documents used by the organization. 

  • Discuss school board issues that have a financial impact on school districts, and if appropriate refer the topic to the Delegate Assembly, Executive Board, Legislative Committee Executive Director, or Associate Director as appropriate.

Regular Meeting Dates: 9.28 Room (B1), 2.15 Room (A4), 5.2 (If needed) Room A1,
Meeting times: 6:30 - 8:30 PM 
Location: All regular meetings are at Erie 1 BOCES unless otherwise noted.
Special meetings/events: TBA
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