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     ECASB President - Denise McCowan
To learn more about Denise, please click here!

2022-23 ECASB Officers:
Pictured Left to Right:
Patrick Boyle -Treasurer
Denise McCowan - President
James McDermott - Vice President

  ECASB Updates


As we begin our start to the new school year, please note that the ECASB website will be a work in progress.

Updating will include our yearly publications of the Directory and Facts & Figures booklets. 

All school district board members, superintendents and any other pertinent district information will continue to be updated as well.

Most of ECASB's information should be current by Mid-September, excluding the Facts & Figures booklet (which will be current) by the end of December.

        Special Report:

From the Executive Director:

On reflections regarding moving from virtual programs to back to in-person events and key observations.

Read here for more thoughts & insights as we begin a new year of programming.

 ECASB fall Challenge
  Fall into the challenge:
Dates will run from 9/6 - 10/20/22


ECASB members should submit pictures to Sue Summers

One winner will be determined in each of the following categories:
Sports (Pics could be from a Bills game or any fall sport)
Back to School Event (Fall concert, open house etc..)
H.S. Homecoming (Anything Homecoming)
Pumpkin Spice (Jumping in a pile of leaves, walk thru a corn maze, etc...)
Everything Halloween (Anything related to Halloween)

**More information for this contest can be found here. 

   Featuring ECASB Treasurer Patrick Boyle