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Prospective Candidates Get Inside Look at School Board Service

More than 30 prospective school board candidates from area school districts signed up for the Prospective School Board Member workshop held by the Erie County Association of School Boards. Topics included "School Boards and the Law," "A Superintendent's Viewpoint (What I Wish Every Candidate Knew)," and "The Election Process." Hodgson Russ attorneys Karl Kristoff and Melanie Beardsley and Amherst School Superintendent Dr. Laura Chabe were presenters. Several ECASB Executive Board members and other veteran school board members also spent the morning with the prospective candidates, where they discussed topics such as what it's like to run for office and the realities of being a school board member in panel and round table discussions.

Those who wish to run for election to their local school board must file nominating petitions with their district by April 20 (for small city school districts, the date is April 29). Elections will be held on Tuesday, May 19. For additional information, contact the District Clerk at your local school district. Eligibility requirements to run for a school board are: a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, a qualified voter in the school district, and able to read and write. Candidates must be continuous residents of their district for one year before the election.   

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The call continues, end GEA

The Erie County Association of School Boards (ECASB) is focused on educating community members and legislators about the negative impact of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) on schools across the country. People have taken notice and spoken up but the elected, unpaid, school board members who comprise ECASB stress that the momentum needs to continue.

"These are the final days until the anticipated state budget adoption," said Scott Johnson, Sweet Home Board of Education President and Legislative Team Leader for ECASB. "Our representatives need to hear that siphoning $482 million out of Erie County classrooms to fill a non-existent deficit is reprehensible and has to stop."

Since ECASB's call to action in February, dozens of rallies have popped up locally, mirroring concerns of communities across the state. Participation at the rallies has ranged from 50 to many hundreds of people, but it was the ECASB's county-wide "Fund Our Schools" Rally on March 12 that provided a regional perspective on fair taxes, fair funding and a fair state aid formula.

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'Equity, not adequacy, is the funding issue'

Did you know that $1 out of every $10 spent on education in the U.S. is spent in New York State? So said David Little, Executive Director of the Rural Schools Association, at the ECASB "Albany Update" Winter Dinner program. "Equity, not adequacy, is the funding issue," he said. New York State is not in a position to institute new taxes even if it wanted to, he said, noting "We already have every tax in the nation, and we tax it at the highest rates."

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Legislators Advocate for Restoration of GEA Aid Withheld by NYS

ECASB Schools Lost $483M Lost to NYS's School Aid Takeback
“More than 1700 jobs disappeared from Erie County School Districts over the past five years, many due to the $482.9 million that has been taken from school districts by New York State in a financial diversion called the ‘Gap Elimination Adjustment’ (GEA),” said Jane Burzynski, Erie County Association of School Boards (ECASB) Director of Programs and Services in releasing a report on the GEA's impact on ECASB member school districts. See the report here.

Several Superintendents and school board members gathered to review the report and meet with WNY legislators to press for elimination of the GEA, which began as a one year attempt by New York State at the start of the Great Recession to help put its own financial house in order. "Since then, it has simply become the annual withholding of school funding," said Mrs. Burzynski.

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GEA News

Behind the Numbers of New York State's
Gap Elimination Adjustment
What It Means in the Depew School District
What It Means in the Ken-Ton School District
What It Means in the Lake Shore SD (Superintendent James Przepasniak)
What It Means in the Lake Shore SD (Assistant Supt. Admin/Finance Dan Pacos)

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