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    WNY Law Conference
         August 7, 2024

WNY Law Conference - Power Point Presentations

Keynote Presentation: VENETIAN ROOM

Time: 8:40-9:30am

Presenter: Jay Worona, NYSSBA Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel

Topic: Update on Recent Cases

General Session:


Panelists: Tracie Lopardi - Harris Beach; Karl Kristoff - Hodgson Russ; Melanie Beardsley - Webster Szanyi

Overview/Frame for Panel: First Amendment Sponsorship

Topic One: Book Lists/Censorship

Topic Two: Social Media Issues/Rights

Topic Three: Religion/Religious Expression/Religious Accommodations


Session 1: 

Time: 10:35-11:30am BELLA ROOM

Presenters:  Kristen Coons, Esq., (Erie 1 BOCES) and Jeff Weiss, Esq., (Harris Beach PLLC)

Topic: Student Suspension/Discipline


Time: 10:35-11:30am AMORE ROOM

Presenters: Brian Liebenow, Esq., (Erie 2 CC BOCES) and Angela Kutzfara, Esq., (Webster Szanyi, LLP)

Topic: Staff Discipline

Time: 10:35-11:30am VICTORIAN ROOM

Presenters: Lindsay Menasco, Esq., (Hodgson Russ, LLP) and Barbara Smith, (Gowanda CSDBusiness Administrator)

Topic: Fund Balance, Reserve Account Guidelines & Comptroller's Audits

Session 2:

Time: 12:30-1:25pm BELLA ROOM

Presenters: Ryan Everhart, Esq., (Hodgson Russ, LLP)

Topic: Special Education Update

Time: 12:30-1:25pm AMORE ROOM

Presenters: Anne McGinnis, Esq., (Harris Beach, PLLC) & Stacey Maute, School Resource Officer (Lancaster CSD)

Topic: Red Flag Gun Protection Law


Time: 12:30-1:25pm VICTORIAN ROOM

Presenters: Jeff Swiatek, Esq., (Hodgson Russ, LLP) & Dina Allen, Esq., (Webster Szanyi, LLP)

Topic: Dealing with Difficult Board of Education Meetings

Session 3:

Time: 1:35-2:30pm BELLA ROOM

Presenters: Andrew Freedman, Esq., (Hodgson Russ, LLP) & T.C. Ferrito, MPA, (Erie 1 BOCES)

Topic: DEI, Gender Identity Policies – What is Mandated? What is Not? & Best (PRESENTATION)

           DEI, Gender Identity Policies – Policy & Regulations (HANDOUTS)


Time: 1:35-2:30pm AMORE ROOM

Presenters: Andrew Mark, Esq., (Harris Beach, PLLC) & Kurt Gustafson, Esq. (Erie 2 CC BOCES) 

Topic: Censorship, First Amendment, Social Media & Facebook


Time: 1:35-2:30pm VICTORIAN ROOM

Presenters: Marnie Smith, Esq., (Webster Szanyi, LLP) & Tony Olivo (Dir. of Corporate Screening & Investigative Group)

Topic: Properly Investigating and Gathering Data Regarding Residency and Other Issues



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