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Request for Support of ECASB Legislative Advocacy Message

Posted Thursday, February 08, 2018 - 03:09 PM

The Erie County Association of School Boards analysis of Governor Cuomo’s proposed Foundation Aid increase shows:

  • Erie County would not receive an increase in Foundation Aid that that kept pace with the annual inflation rate of 2.1%. The Governor’s budget calls for a 1.5% increase in Foundation Aid for Erie County.
  • With 4.65% of New York’s student enrollment, Erie County is being shortchanged by the Governor’s proposed increase of state aid that represents only 4% of this year’s Foundation Aid increase under the Governor’s budget.
  • Since Foundation Aid was intended to be distributed based upon student need and the wealth of a school district it is troubling that Erie County’s share of increased Foundation Aid does not fall in the 5.5% range that Erie County has historically received. Erie County is not one of the wealthier regions of the state and the needs of students in Erie County have been growing (Student in poverty, Special Needs, Second Language Students).

To make it as convenient as possible to send a message in support of your school district, and all of the students of Erie County at this link you will find a flexible template that can be used to:

  • Cut and paste to an email (email addresses found below) to forward to your Senator/Assemblyperson,
  • Use as a phone script if you choose to call your legislator’s office (Phone numbers found below),
  • Print and Address to send to your legislator’s local office—or their office in Albany.

Thank You for Your Support

Making Education a Priority for New York State

Governor Cuomo Contact Information:

Governor Andrew Cuomo         518-474-8390 (Albany)

State Senator Contact Information:

Senator Patrick Gallivan 518-455-3471 (Albany) 716-656-8544  (Local)

Senator Chris Jacobs 518-455-3341 (Albany) 716-854-8705  (Local)

Senator Mike Ranzenhofer 518-455-3161 (Albany) 716-631-8695 (Local)

Senator Tim Kennedy 518-455-2426 (Albany) 716-826-2683  (Local)

Senator Robert Ortt 518-455-2024 (Albany) 716-434-0680 (Local)

State Assembly Contact Information:

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger  518-455-4767 (Albany) 716-873-2540 (Local)

Assemblywoman C. Peoples-Stokes  518-455-5005 (Albany) 716-897-9714  (Local)

Assemblywoman Monica Wallace  518-455-5921 (Albany)  716-686-0080 (Local)

Assemblyman Michael Norris  518-455-4601 (Albany) 716-839-4691 (Local)

Assemblyman Angelo Morinello  518-455-5284 (Albany)  716-282-6062 (Local)

Assemblyman Raymond Walter  518-455-4618 (Albany)  716-634-1895  (Local)

Assemblyman David DiPietro  518-455-5314 (Albany)  716-655-0951  (Local)

Assemblyman Sean Ryan  518-455-4886 (Albany)  716-885-9630  (Local)





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