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ECASB’s Popular SPEED-Boarding Program Planned for November 16th

Posted Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 03:57 PM

One of the most popular ECASB programs from the past two years is coming very soon. SPEED-Boarding, a take-off on SPEED-Dating will be held on Thursday, November 16th at Erie 1 BOCES.  The idea behind SPEED-Boarding is to bring in six experts and then flexibly allow Board members in attendance to take full advantage of the presenter’s expertise to address their questions and concerns.  No Power Points, limited hand-outs…just a quick ice breaker then the topic area expert addresses Board member questions/concerns.  What could be simpler!  No wonder this program is popular with ECASB Board of Education members!

The evening is designed as a Dessert Forum program, so plan to arrive at 6:30PM for coffee, desserts, and the chance to interact with fellow Board members from across the county! At 7PM we will group you up, and set you lose to spend fifteen minutes with each of our topic experts.  Our topic experts will include:

  • Dr. Howard Smith addressing concerns on Board/Superintendent Relations,
  • Jeff Weiss, from program sponsor Harris Beach, PLLC fielding questions on recent developments in Special Education law and regulations,
  • Dr. Ryan Schoenfeld, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology who can update Board members on “New State Standards/New Assessment/Timelines for Curricular Changes & What NY’s ESSA Plan might mean for your school district,
  • Tracie Lopardi of Harris Beach can address your concerns on student discipline and emerging freedom of expression issues,
  • Justin DeMartin and Anedda Trautman are well equipped to handle questions you have concerning, “What’s New with BOCES.” Combined, these two have great expertise on BOCES Special Education and Career and Vocational Training options.
  • Finally, Gerry Stuitje, from Sweet Home CSD has broad experience handling all aspects of school district business operations. Gerry is also tuned in to recent state political developments as he serves on NY State ASBO’s Government Relations Committee.

Every fifteen minutes we will rotate groups. The program is designed to be flexible—if you love your table conversation feel free to stay at a table.  Just be courteous making sure there is room for those in the next group to be seated.

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